D-SEA Workshop

A workshop held as part of Charting the European D-SEA: Digital Scholarship in East Asian Studies.

[Download slides]


  • Recommended web browsers: Firefox or Chrome; Safari and Edge should also work for most tasks, but have not been fully tested.
  • Create a ctext account and log in
  • Check your e-mail (and spam folder) for an e-mail sent from the system, and click the link in the e-mail to validate your account.
  • Go to “Settings” at the bottom left, enter the API key specified in the live session in the box under “API key”, and click “Save”
  • Install the Text Tools plugin by opening this link, and then clicking “Install”
  • Install the Annotation plugin by opening this link, and then clicking “Install”

Some parts of the material that will be covered in the session are available in step-by-step tutorials, which also include other details and examples and might be useful if you want to come back to the material later:

These parts of the ctext.org instructions should also be useful:

Some additional details and examples of the techniques used are available in the slides for “PKU Workshop 2023” (Chinese),

Lastly, some of these papers may be of interest – and please consider citing one or more of these if you use the system or its contents in your work (note that as the creator of ctext.org, I get no academic credit for any of the work that went into this project when it is cited solely by its URL):

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