Chinese Text Project – Punctuation change and Unicode 6.0

Update to the CTP:

A few minor updates have been made to the site. Firstly, the traditional Chinese editions will now display standard traditional Chinese punctuation (「、」、『、』); simplified Chinese editions will continue to use simplified punctuation (“、”、‘、’).

Secondly, the dictionary section of the site has been updated to include all Unicode 6.0 characters. As most systems will not have fonts installed for all of the new characters, some characters listed in the dictionary may not be displayed on your system and may appear as empty boxes or question marks – these will most likely be rarely used or variant characters. If you would like to enable the new characters, please install a font supporting CJK Extension C and CJK Extension D. Suitable fonts include the Hanazono fonts, freely available here. For further details please refer to the Font Test Page.

Finally, a minor usability enhancement has been made to the dictionary page to make it easier to look up complex characters by radical (e.g. ““): clicking on the stroke count (e.g. the text reading “5 strokes”) on the radical lookup pages will magnify all the characters in that row for easier reading.

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