Chinese Text Project – Semantic search suggestions added

Update to the CTP:

The semantic linking data is now used to automatically suggest related searches when performing a full-text search. Textual searches continue to work as previously, but searching for any term that has an entry in the CTP dictionary will give a notice with links to the corresponding entry that can be used to find occurrences of specific usages. Searches for named historical individuals (e.g. 荀子, 孔子, 齊桓公, etc.) will also present links to make the search more precise by both disambiguating the search (e.g. showing only occurrences of “齊桓公” referring to the earlier 齊桓公小白, or only those referring to the later 齊桓公田午) and extending it to include coextensive terms (e.g. showing references to 齊桓公小白 regardless of whether he is referred to as “桓公”, “小白”, or even just “桓”).

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