Chinese Text Project – Parallel passage display updated

Update to the CTP:

On the parallel passage display pages, moving the mouse cursor over any one of the parallel passages now makes the system highlight in red those parts of that passage which are missing from the other versions, and highlight in green within those other versions all those characters which do not occur in the passage hovered over. To remove the highlights, click anywhere outside the set of parallel passages.

As an example, in 禮三本(一), hovering over the passage from the Da Dai Liji highlights in red “禮有三本” because this phrase is missing from the Shiji version, as well as “生” which is recorded as “性” in the Xunzi version; hovering over the Xunzi passage only highlights one character, “則”, in the Shiji version, because all the other characters present in the Shiji version agree with the Xunzi version.

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